Who would want to start over with an Instagram account in their right mind? Creating an account involves time, effort, and occasionally money. Start-up costs may be prohibitive when considering all of this. Because of this, you should contemplate a new beginning. I’d want you to listen to what I have to say. There are no advantages to having an older social media account, unlike constructing a website. There is little evidence that older versions are given preferential treatment on Instagram for the most part. Engagement is the most important metric on social media. You may choose to start over instead of attempting to resurrect an existing account if your engagement metrics haven’t been reached or if you’ve let one go dormant.

How do I know to Start my Instagram Over?

To begin, take a moment to reflect on your path and how you came to this point. Try going back through your Instagram feed. If you’ve ever used “black hat” techniques on Instagram, you may be to blame for your account’s slow growth. Is it true that you’ve paid for followers or employed automated commenters? How many of the followers you’ve obtained are genuine and being utilized by actual people? Is this your first time using a third-party app? Let yourself be transparent about your shortcomings. It used to be that if you didn’t use a third-party program for automation, you were losing. Automated social media marketing is still seen as a gray area by many. Real humans and bots may be readily distinguished from one other by analyzing the accounts.

What is the Instagram Shadowban?

It is a word used to describe an account that has been flagged and is enduring the negative consequences of a ban but hasn’t been deleted. There’s been a lot of disagreement about whether or not Instagram engages in shadowbanning, but there’s proof that it does. Some Instagram users discovered in 2018 that their material wasn’t being indexed by Instagram’s search tool, which was a problem for them. In response, Instagram fixed “problems with our hashtag search,” as they put it. Instead of describing the issue and offering a solution, they blamed the user in their statement. Instagram has nothing to do with it, they said, but instead with a few users. Creating premium content was the only way to get discovered in search results. The reported Instagram shadowban was confirmed as a result of this, according to numerous Instagram users.

Should I Delete My Instagram And Restart My Feed?

An account reset may be considered an opportunity rather than a waste, even if you haven’t utilized any third-party applications or acquired any followers. First and foremost, social media networks tend to favor new accounts. Smaller Facebook pages fared better than bigger ones in an experiment using Organic Targeting by Social Media Examiner. Having a thriving and engaged user base is always in the best interest of social media platforms. They want to give you a fighting opportunity to increase your account, so beginning from scratch might be beneficial. Don’t stress yourself about how many people are following you right away. Make it your goal to get noticed. As the second piece of advice, don’t try to utilize an existing account and rebrand it in an attempt to re-enter the market. Content people didn’t sign up for is the last thing they want to see on their newsfeeds. Your engagement stats will be harmed even more if consumers aren’t acquainted with your account because of a significant change you’ve made. They may unsubscribe or, worse still, scroll past your material entirely.

Using the tricks mentioned in this article, you can get a lot of Instagram followers in a short time.