Have you just completed building your first website? Well, congratulations are in order. Not many can say they have done so. You can now cross it off your bucket list. But in this age of easy and available information on the internet, there are many issues that you might address so that your website can be ideal. For that, you might need to make use of a website checker. A website checker is important when you need to monitor the performance and page speed of your website. Among the numerous checkers that exist online, this checker, in particular, stood out. If you want your website to rank well when it comes to Google Rankings, this is the website checker to opt for.

Importance of a website checker

A website checker is a critical tool for any website checker. Apart from checking on the speed of your webpage, it also checks on your links. This will affect your Google rankings. Google checks on many factors for your webpage. We have just mentioned two of them. One other thing that a website checker allows you to analyze is the optimization of your SEO.

When all of this is considered, your website checker should keep your website or blog healthy to generate organic traffic. If you want to make money off of your website, you should invest in a website checker.

In this article, we want to point out to you some website checkers that you should know about.


Before Google, there was a lot of online search engines that were in existence. One of them that is still alive and has quite the following is Yahoo. If your website is centered on Yahoo rules and regulations, then Yslow is the website checker for you. Review using Yslow will offer you suggestions as well as reveal to you, hindrances that are currently affecting your performance and ranking.


As revealed to you in the introduction, there are many issues that should be considered when it comes to the performance of your website. A full review is crucial and GTmetrix is one of the website checkers that can offer you such a report. GTmetrix will also give you a performance score as well as recommendations on how to optimize your website. Some of the details that you will receive in the report include the load time page, waterfall quality, type of data, and general performance.


Pingdom is another accomplished website checker. This analyzer tool allows you to check on the page speed, real-time user interaction, and uptime monitoring.

In addition to the typical features provided by other website checkers, Pingdom has divided its analysis into 4 particular parts: performance grade, page analysis, waterfall breakdown, and history.