App development is one of the most difficult and trickiest jobs around. Indeed, this is also one job that is extremely in demand these days, particularly because of the fact that social media and its variety of different applications are very popular amongst the masses. Every little or big company aims to have a designated application for itself so that it can provide its customers with much-needed user-friendliness, convenience as well as functionality. Applications are now one of the most used things on a mobile phone. Owing to this, people are slowly but surely shifting towards learning the concepts of application development and designing.

This, however, is not something that is easy to do. It takes years to perfect the art of application development since it is highly technical and extremely challenging in nature. This is primarily one of the reasons why the skill of app development is highly in demand and also why app developers take a handsome amount of money in developing state of the art mobile applications. Every company wants that they design and build an app that is extremely versatile, easy to use, smooth and crisp, making the skill more and more in demand. This is one of the reasons why building an application can be costly in some aspects. There are a variety of different costs involved in building mobile applications. The costs involved are enlisted and explained in detail below.

Average costs of building applications

Basic applications may vary in terms of their nature and the amount of complexity involved in the entire process. However, even basic applications can be fairly costly, considering all the costs that might be involved in this. Approximately, a rough estimate suggests that around $20,000 may be required to build a fully functional but basic mobile application. Similarly, applications that involve a standard or medium amount of complexity will obviously cost a bit more. These applications may vary in the range of $35,000 to $65,000. On the contrary, the highly complex applications are usually costed over $70,000 and may even surpass the $100,000 barrier.

Myths surrounding app development

Many companies throughout the world claim that they are the best at application development, and hence the amount of expertise or help required in building a certain application determines the final and end cost of the application. Well-established companies dedicate a very handsome amount for application development since it is something that requires a lot of capital, hard work, and extreme attention to detail. However, it must be understood that high pricing always equals high quality is one thing that remains a myth, and so companies must be very wary of the people or the workforce they put in charge of dealing with the application. Many times, developing applications from skilled freelancers of professionals can be a good strategy as well. The other misconception is that young companies do not necessarily have what it takes to develop good and state of the art applications. This is, again, something that is not true in all cases.