Many people face the problem of declining Instagram followers, which they find difficult to address as well as identify the reasons for losing followers. Although it may seem a very alarming situation, the decline in the following can be due to some simple reasons, as well as other reasons relating to your accounts activities which require actions to be taken to rectify the negative trends.

Sometimes these problems occur due to people being obsessed with increasing their following, often resorting to incorrect practices to grow Instagram account. Try to engage as many followers as possible through organic means to maintain the steady growth of your account.

As simple as it may seem, you should be mindful of which industry Instagram accounts you need to follow in order to become part of a community of like-minded people with similar interests. This will ensure that your account grows and does not face a decline in followers. Here are some of the reasons you might be losing followers on your Instagram account.


If you use numerous bots on your account, there is a chance that this might be the reason for the decline in followers. Instagram does not allow bots to exist on its platform, and occasionally the bots are eliminated by Instagram through a security sweep. There is a chance that this is the reason for the decline in followers.


A more pressing issue might be that the audience does not appreciate what you’re posting and are not interested in your content anymore. It must be ensured that your content is not outdated or less trendy as per the industry standards. Consider looking at other people’s accounts related to your industry and identify whether you are less relatable to the community and industry. Try to post content that is as per the demands of the audience, and what is expected from the followers, in order to ensure their retention.


Hashtags are one of the most important tools to make your content relatable and searchable for the audience. If you’re losing followers, there is a chance that you’re not paying proper attention to the hashtags on your content. It is essential to use industry-specific hashtags which engage the right people in your posts and improve your overall reach in the market.


Many influencers and businesses or brands emphasize the importance of posting consistently, which is as per the expectation of your audience. It is not necessary to post often, rather scheduling your posts to the expectations of the audience and making them available to them when the majority of them are active and expecting a post. Try to understand the requirements of your audience and post consistently when they wish to hear from you.

Buying followers

Buying followers must be done with caution as many providers are not effective in engaging the right audience to your account, resulting in many following who are not related to your activities. This means that they are likely to stop following your account at a later date, reducing your overall followers count.

It is advised to be aware of all the reasons explained above to effectively manage your followers and better understand the reason for losing the followers and also engage in remedial action if required on a timely basis.